AFL-CIO Canvasser Booked On 23 Felony Counts
Related To Voter Fraud…

Yes, voter ID laws are still racist.

Via Media Trackers:

    A former Ohio University student paid to canvass for Voters First Ohio petition signatures was arrested August 14 by the Cincinnati Police Department. Timothy Noel Zureick was booked on 22 counts of signing false signatures and one count of election falsification, both fifth-degree felonies.

    As reported by the Athens News, Zureick, age 21, was arrested for crimes allegedly committed while working in Athens for Working America, a campaign arm of the AFL-CIO in Washington, DC. Zureick’s August 14 arrest is the first known prosecution to stem from the numerous allegations of fraud during the union-driven Voters First campaign.

    According to authorities, on or around June 12 Zureick forged the signatures of a number of prominent Athens County Democratic Party figures. Athens County Board of Elections employees who had not signed Voters First petitions alerted the county prosecutor’s office after finding their signatures on petitions Zureick submitted.

    The White Collar Crimes unit of the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office investigated the case and found that Zureick was living in Cincinnati. Zureick, who has two addresses in Cincinnati, was located by authorities at his father’s residence thanks to assistance from a neighbor.

    Zureick reportedly attempted to hide from the officers serving a warrant for his arrest.

    “His father first denied he was at the home,” Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn told Athens Newsreporter Jim Phillips. However, Zureick’s car parked outside and movement detected inside the home led police to suspect otherwise.

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