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The Ticking Nuclear Time-Bomb of the Middle East

Morning Bell: The Middle Eastern Time Bomb

Four years of President Obama’s foreign policy are having their full effect. After squandering time in sham “negotiations” with Iran and Palestine and abandoning Iraq to al-Qaeda, the President has made many situations more difficult—and urgent.

During the course of the Sabbath (Aug 2012), 10 Quassam rockets were fired into Israel from the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip.

Iran is testing its ballistic missiles. We cannot afford to waste any more time. After the President downplayed a military option for more than three years, recent pressures—both practical and political—have caused the Obama Administration to become more hawkish on the Iran nuclear issue in recent weeks.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, in Israel on a Middle East tour last week, called for international leaders to keep “maximum pressure” on Iran and warned that the United States “will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon, period.” As Heritage’s James Phillips notes:

    The Administration’s tougher rhetoric is in part a reflection of the fact that Iran has shrugged off international sanctions, refused to negotiate an acceptable resolution of the nuclear impasse, and continues to stockpile enriched uranium at an accelerating rate.

    …Although the Administration has been quick to take credit for stronger sanctions on Iran, much of the impetus for sanctions has come from Congress, which has passed sanctions legislation by huge bipartisan majorities, sometimes over the objections of the Administration.

Congress, and slowly the Administration, is recognizing that the U.S. should broaden and deepen its cooperation with Israel on missile defense. We must share the costs of trying to make up the lost time when missile defenses were not pursued as a matter of policy.

In a new Heritage paper, Baker Spring lays out specifics for this cooperation and its funding. He notes that there is “strong bipartisan congressional support in favor of providing significantly more money for U.S.–Israeli missile defense cooperation than the Obama Administration originally proposed.” > > > READ MORE

NOTE: When will the American people begin to realize we are at war, and we must recognize our adversary if we harbor any hopes of victory – of peace! Islam is NOT a religion of peace. In fact, it is NOT a RELIGION at all. It is little more than license to kill all who oppose their way of life.