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President Obama Breaks his Promise to Unions

A few weeks ago, “the nation watched as Governor Scott Walker survived a recall effort in Wisconsin. After thousands of union members and tens of millions of dollars tried to punish Walker for taking away public union bargaining rights, the Governor beat Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by a greater margin than he did in 2010. Liberals and union members across the nation have been left with a feeling of betrayal and confusion. The comforting sound of President Obama’s voice from his campaign days ended up to be empty. Frustrated democrats have been asking each other “where was Obama?”.

The President’s excuse was that he was too busy with his responsibilities as the President. When his schedule was examined the truth was discovered. On June 1st the President flew over Wisconsin to Minnesota to attend a few different fundraising events, then he flew back over Wisconsin to Chicago to attend several more. Apparently President Obama’s responsibilities are centered around his campaign. The words in the official White House press release detailing his schedule for that day states the reason for going to Minneapolis and Chicago as attending “campaign events”.

The betrayal has left thousands of liberals disillusioned and discouraged. Democrats are beginning to threaten that they won’t vote at all this November.