This standing line wrapped around the entire building at times – incl while I waited in the drive thru line! Monroeville, PA

My Chick-Fil-A Observations

What an exciting & motivating day it was for all freedom-loving Americans, eh? From town to town, every place a Chick-fil-a restaurant opened for business, thousands of excited, well-mannered citizens patiently waited their turn in both standing lines and drive thru lines that set fast food records!

One of the things that impressed me while I waited and watched the crowd, was the well-mannered diversity. There were people of every race, old and young, married and single, moms with small kids, rich and not-so-rich all waiting patiently, talking politely amongst themselves, laughing, and enjoying the opportunity to actively make a statement for FREEDOM.

Supporters of Chick-fil-A in the western Chicago area showed their support for Mr. Cathy by visiting the restaurant in Schaumburg, IL. The average drive-thru wait time was about 1.25 hours. Submitted by: tbuhrke

When has ANY Liberal, or “Progressive” spontaneous national gathering ever been so peaceful and clean? How about Rahm Emanuel’s “loving & tolerant” comments about Chick-Fil-A? hmm remembering “Occupy” …

As it happens, today was swimming day, and as I parked at the pool, a lady I see there often, commented on my car sticker ~ “FIRE OBAMA!” She is a registered Democrat and voted for Obama in ’08! Her comment was that Hilary should be elected! I simply said, “ANYONE BUT OBAMA,” and she agreed! I will follow up on this, but she is one convert who will not be supporting the President for another term!

Chick-fil-A , Memorial City Mall, Houston, Texas. 8 lines with 50 or more people per line @ 12:30 PM. Submitted by: RustySprings

This clearly is NOT about gay marriage or anti-gay rhetoric. Clear and simple, the people that turned out to support Mr Cathy, CEO or Chick-Fil-A, believe in his personal right of expression, his right to run his business as he sees fit. He obeys the laws and regulations pertaining to his business, and yet chooses to close on Sundays to “honor” the day of rest as a devout Baptist. We honor the fact that he has the RIGHT to live by his beliefs! Plain & simple. For the record, NO negative or hateful statement was ever made by Mr Cathy. He simply does not support gay marriage. Period! Nothing hateful. Nothing prejudiced. And certainly not one that half the nation would disagree with. Funny thing is, most Americans DO support the notion of “civil unions,” with the same legal rights as marriage, simply a different “label,” if you will.

All I can say is …

………..and there goes Obama!