And to those who argue that Islam is a “religion of peace,” I can only reiterate what others in the know have said (from the intelligence community) … The fundamental Islamists are practicing what Mohammed defined as Jihad. Those who are living more peacefully, are actually in disobedience to the tenets of the faith. Until those tenets are changed, Islam will always be contrary to peace, and contrary to the US Constitution!

I applaud Sen Michele Bachmann for taking a courageous stand against those who oppose our way of life, our very existence! Have we forgotten 9/11 or been sucked into one of the many false conspiracy theories? Have we been blinded by the misleading mainstream media into wanting to appease these people? Is it OK that a known “terrorist” now associated with the Muslim Brotherhood is permitted to dine in the White House? What has happened to turn things upside down? What have they done that has cleared them as “good guys?”