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Once upon a time, Americans were … Americans. We were neighbors. We helped each other. We shared as needed. We laughed and cried together as communities, neighborhoods, families. We were one nation under God!

But now, we’re too sophisticated, too well educated, too rational, or just too busy to be a community member, a neighbor, a family member, so we complain about how empty our life is. We cry out for the Government to help us, to FIX our community, our neighborhood, our family.

We fuss and fume about contraception, pro-choice, increased family violence in straight AND same-sex relationships, and unwanted pregnancies, and a general decline in civility across the nation, but cry “FOUL” when God is mentioned, when a high school valedictorian wants to pray at graduation, or Marines want a cross to represent fallen comrades.

We-the-people have shut down the Source of help, the supplier of our provision, and the guide to happiness. We have no one to blame but ourselves, my friends, and only we-the-people can correct our path – our attitude – and involve our Creator on His terms.

How important is it to you that America survive her current “testing?” How important is it to you that Americans are returned to work? How important is it to you that each American can worship as they choose without government intervention?

Hate won’t do it! Anger won’t do it! Name-calling and political games won’t do it. Only one thing is stronger than hate, than anger, than political power … genuine self-less LOVE. Not soft, sentimental, emotional love, but clear, decisive, giving love. It is the soft answer that turns away wrath! It is mercy that triumphs over justice! It is repentance that brings a second – third – fourth … chance! And there is NOTHING stronger than the love of GOD! Nothing!