A Lament for the United States of America

My software engineer friend and I got together for our weekly coffee meeting on this 28th day in June, 2012, and lamented over the state of our country, the United States of America. It was the survival of the president’s health care law that spun us off in that direction, but it was—and is—more than that.

What baffles me, regardless of one’s political persuasion, is how those in power continue to think that we can spend more than we take in. Adding a mind-boggling expense/tax at this time in our economic state just defies imagination. I just don’t get it.

However, that’s only part of it, my friend and I realized as the talked. Perhaps the Republicans win this November and claim all three branches of government—will that really change very much? Yes, for a time. Even if Obamacare were overturned, we’d only be temporarily holding back the demise of this great nation in which we have grown up and which we love and appreciate. We would still have laws in place that allow the slaughter of millions of helpless children. We would still have laws in place that affirm the marriage of homosexual individuals.

This culture is degenerating, and no matter how many laws we pass or repeal, it will continue to degenerate for two reasons and two reasons only. First, the majority of those who live in this nation have turned away from God. Second, the Church has been compromised by the culture. We no longer offer the world examples of sacrificial, loving-God-more-than-the-world, lives. > > > > READ MORE