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U.N. ATT (Arms Trade Treaty) what is it?

by Benjamin Worthen

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty is perhaps the most misunderstood and potentially harmful stride towards the loss of second amendment rights in the United States that we as a people currently face. But there is a lot of this movement that just isn’t accurate and perhaps we are a bit premature on the topic.

Without question the UN ATT has massive potential to control our rights as law abiding Americans, but the Arms Trade Treaty needs to be understood a bit better by those who both champion it and despise it, because it’s much more complicated than it appears on the surface.

*A Note: Firstly, I must explain that the UN ATT (Arms Trade Treaty) is a non-partisan issue, and while you may often see my viewpoints as incredibly conservative (compared to the current administration), my political viewpoints are based on my interpretation of the Constitution, and individual and state liberties will always be the most important thing in my mind. Our sovereignty is dependent on the promise of freedom to the individual and their ability to align with the state that they feel most comfortable with. It is impossible for the UN or any other non American institution to understand what it means to be American and to enjoy the freedoms we do as individuals. My hope is that you understand that my inclination is to protect the individual freedoms secured by the United States constitution above all else, and it is the major reason I continue to write daily. Please look at this article whether Liberal or Conservative, with non-partisan eyes and try to understand the core issue: potential loss of freedoms. >>> READ MORE

NOTE: This is a pretty good article explaining the bill that is acing a vote soon. Clearly, the argument of Constitutionality is no longer sufficient. This article clarifies what is and what isn’t part of the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).