OK Get your popcorn and beverage of choice … and prepare to be amazed, and not in the good sense!


Here’s the thing: I have the opportunity to chat with lots of people on a daily basis … people from various social strata and myriad political positions. The thing that amazes me, puzzles me, and causes me to scratch my head is disbelief is that reasonably intelligent people actually BELIEVE the President and, by proxy, AG Holder are at the very least completely innocent, at the worst, in over their heads.

I was around and lucid (mostly) during Watergate. This Presidency and the various shenanigans circling around this Fast & Furious operation makes Watergate look like a kindergarten picnic! The depth and breadth of the scandal, the obvious knowledge and sanction of the sitting President, the death of Agent Brian Terry, and the defiant lack of cooperation of the Administration by the AG … is simply mind-boggling! And STILL reasonably intelligent Americans refuse to believe their “Obamessiah” could stoop to such levels. If they can get that far, which is doubtful, they rebut that it’s nothing compared to the antics of the Republicans.

SADLY, it is clear that the vast majority of those WE have elected, in good faith, have turned their backs on us and the general welfare of the United States Constitution they swore to “support & defend!” I’m furious, frustrated, and angry at those who have betrayed We-the-People and our nation.

And now for the progressive spin … REALLY???

So nice to see a man of genuine character rush to the defense of the President, eh? Allow me to voice my interest, Mr Rangel. The American people want & deserve representation by men and women of Honorable CHARACTER, and I believe the President, himself, once told us to judge him by his friends. WE ARE! WE ARE … so help us, GOD!