While the issue of the day is Fast & Furious, that is only one of the issues encircling the greater issue of the BORDER! Clearly, more discussion is needed, which is precisely why the Constitution requires legislation to undergo a PROCESS by which it is debated, edited, and hopefully made clear & concise before being submitted for a vote by both houses of Congress.

In a time when the American economy is diving and the number of jobs is dwindling under the weight of excess regulation and tax, our President commits “STRIKE #2” by adding upwards of 800,000 illegals to the unemployment lines at the same time he’s making huge cuts to the Military in numbers of troops & various equipment… AND he does this by circumventing Congress altogether, removing all opportunity for debate, and in opposition to the will of the people! ( STRIKE #1 was the VETO of the Keystone Pipeline which will now service China!) I’m not sure I want to know what STRIKE #3 will be! How about you?

So … the COST of President Obama’s progressive move to open the border? I’m sure the actual stats are out-of-this-world, and this is only ONE ISSUE of many! WHO PAYS? We-the-People!