The United States of America has a divine destiny. No, that doesn’t make Americans “BETTER” than Brits or the French or the Afghans or the Brazilians. Each nation and people have their own history and destiny unique to it. I object, however, to the strategic sterilization of America’s destiny from our history books and memories. The monumental contributions of the various and myriad cultures as they assembled and settled in the US is seldom told, let alone understood. The work ethic of the Asians and Germans, the liveliness of the Irish, the perseverance of the various African slave peoples as they struggled to gain their own freedom … each culture added to what is uniquely American: The best opportunities on earth to be whatever one seeks to be! This is at least art of our unique destiny, and we must preserve it!

Every state Constitution speaks of Divine Providence or some relative term. I am not about forcing Jesus on Americans who choose to believe differently, but neither will I surrender my God-given right to worship Him as I understand our Christian mandate to do so. Exactly what is the problem with allowing those of us to worship our God as we see fit? If there is no God, as some protest, there is none to be offended by us poor slobs who insist there is a God. If we, believers, are deceived, pity us in our deception, but permit us our self-expression as you enjoy yours. What does it hurt, really? God-willing, there will never be a mandate to bow to a God if one isn’t drawn to do so independently.