Special Operations Speaks

Russ Vaughn @ American Thinker

The Obama campaign is twisting the truth into political pretzels in attempting to make its candidate appear to be a tough guy in the terror wars. Trying to remake the public image of a pol famous for voting present into that of a steely-eyed, cold-blooded leader of hunter/killer teams of special operators who seek out and destroy those who would bring harm to our innocents is a difficult task that just became more so. That’s because a bunch of genuine tough guys are coming together to combat the sham campaign of that wannabee warrior in the White House.

Retired Navy SEAL, Captain Larry Bailey, a pivotal player in the debunking of John Kerry’s ego-embellished war record back in 2004, is putting together an election year organization made up of bona fide special operators, past and present, who are not happy with the efforts of our counterfeit commander-in-chief to cloak himself in their special mystique. Very few SEALs achieve that rank or position. They are truly the creme de la creme.

Unlike the all-Navy Swift Boat Veterans who torpedoed Kerry’s Vietnamese junk, Bailey’s new military organization, Special Operations Speaks, is a multi-service outfit with chapters from the Navy’s SEALs, the Army’s Rangers and Green Berets, the Air Force’s Air Commandos, the Marine Corp’s Force Recon, and the newest group of special operators, USMC’s MARSOC, Marine Special Operations Command. There’s also participation by veterans of all services and their families.

It is not just Obama’s phony warrior pretensions, however, that have these military professionals organizing this counter-operation, it is the actual and immediate dangers being created in the covert world of their clandestine combat operations by this amateur playing at soldier for political purposes.

When politicians with no military training or experience get involved with military planning and operations and fail to heed the counsel of the professionals advising them, the results are almost always bad for the troops involved as well as their nations. When community organizers with almost no experience, either military or civilian, are involved, the potential for disaster is compounded. It is akin to some Hollywood fantasy where teenagers suddenly have control of the world’s most powerful weapons and forces. In America’s present situation, that fantasy is almost reality. We have a White House more politically driven than any in memory by a tight inner circle where military experience is non-existent. Suddenly, when it becomes apparent that their guy has an image problem, military secrecy and national security are thrown under the campaign bus to make a lion out of their lightweight. This is Kerry 2004 redux, Democrat militarism resurgent, as it is during election years when it becomes politically useful.

Add Special Operations Speaks to your favorites bar and drop in to visit and support. It’s still under construction but Captain Bailey will see she becomes shipshape in short order. Shake loose with a few bucks to help a very worthy group of warriors in their very worthy cause.

In my six years of Army service I was never a special operator although I did serve with a Special Forces detachment in Vietnam for a few weeks on a classified assignment. However, I do share a common experience with all of them: that of looking up and seeing that parachute canopy overhead and below the good green earth between my boots.


(My daughter is the “A”)

AUTHOR’s NOTE: As a Vet and the mom of a deployed soldiergirl, my heart is connected by blood to these American Heroes. By no means, did I achieve anything close to the expertise these folks exemplify daily, but that is all the more reason why I respect them and honor their unique sacrifice. It would be so nice if our elected officials understood these professionals are on the same team and have to operate under dangerous and potentially volatile situations like most of us cannot even imagine.

These folks, these HEROES, deserve some answers, if they don’t have them already. How convenient it was that so many elite troops were killed in the Chinook crash shortly after that raid last year. Don’t hear much about it, either. It’s about time those elected in DC as well as all those working in Homeland Security, CIA, FBI etc, realize exactly who is the enemy and who is NOT!


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