For some time, resident Obama has talked about his proposed Dream Act. He tested the water in a few states, and much to his chagrin, popular opinion was against his “open border” idea. He continued to talk and putter around the idea, but still, partly because of the state of our economy and the sliding REAL unemployment rate, the opening of the border and availability of amnesty to those here illegally has been a very sore spot. So, in true Friend-of-the-people mode how does he solve the problem? By listening to the people? By doing another set of townhall meetings to explain his reasoning? By following the CONSTITUTION of the United States and submitting his idea to Congress? NO! None of the above! He imposes his will on the American people, in complete contradiction to the Constitution, and declares via “Executive Order” … So let it be done!


and How will WE-the-PEOPLE respond?

WE have a decision to make, AMERICA, and even if the choices aren’t what we’d LIKE them to be, one choice is better than the other. I pray we choose wisely!