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Not counting, but how many national issues are on the table now?
Let’s see – in no particular order

  • IRAN: Middle East tensions, Anti-Semitism, NUKES
  • GLOBAL & US ECONOMY: National Debt, Global debt, US Budget (or lack thereof), CUT-CAP&BALANCE
  • ELECTION 2012: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, 2nd Amendment Rights, States’ Rights, JOBS-JOBS-JOBS
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Domestic Energy Production or climate change
  • OBAMACARE & the US CONSTITUTION: NDAA 2012-2013, Patriot Act, FREEDOM
  • USA United again!: civility, racial slurs, violent language among the LEADERS

What did I miss?

As I approach this Memorial Day weekend, sober, our nation is in a heap of trouble! I think that might be one things most Americans DO agree on. The differences arrive when the debates begins over HOW to repair the damage and what the priorities are. I can make this as complicated as I wish, but, you know, it really isn’t so complicated! It’s a choice! We can focus on what’s WRONG … OR we can focus on what WE – what you and I can do! RIGHT?

BUT … while it is cool to be CIVIL with one another, that, by no means, being a doormat for the a-moral minority that has the tendency for NOISE! There is a time to turn the other cheek, and there is a time to strike back – not by THEIR rules, but by moral strength! You see, the thing Conservatives have that most Liberals do not have is moral conviction. Conservatives believe, for example, that abortion is immoral because life begins at conception. This is a MORAL CONVICTION upon which most Conservatives live. When life is governed by a firm set of concepts, it is less vulnerable to the changing political winds. We cannot afford to allow this amoral minority to legislate our lives any longer!

The greatest MORAL CONVICTION Conservatives stand on is FREEDOM! We understand that our Constitution guarantees us the freedoms of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness … pursuit being the operative word. We are not guaranteed happiness because that is an individual thing. What we ARE promised is the opportunity to pursue our personal interpretation of happiness whether that is money, power, music, farming, or everything in between! Each American has to make that determination for him or her self.

“We believe, as our founders did, that
‘the pursuit of happiness’ depends upon individual liberty;
and individual liberty requires limited government.”

Senator Paul Ryan

THIS is the FREEDOM that has built this nation, and this is the FREEDOM men and women have died to gain and retain for 236 years now in this nation, and for many thousands of years elsewhere. FREEDOM is hard to maintain – so hard that it struggles through the storms of political leaders and moral decline, and yet it burns on. It cannot be doused by defeat. It cannot be conquered by compromise.

Since those first shots were fired in Massachusetts, men and women have willingly fought and died to obtain the freedom we cling to now with our guns and our God! The poem inscribed on Lady Liberty’s scroll calls for all who long for the taste of FREEDOM to come … come and partake of the bountiful blessings of this land. Come, see if you can build a life here in this land.