While hanging out in Twitterland this morning, I chanced upon a mystical tweet. The gist of this tweet challenged fellow tweeters to reply with their solutions to America’s problems.

As a reply, I would …

Inspire gratitude instead of greed;
Kindness, instead of anger;
Self-respect, instead of self-indulgence;
Honesty, instead of lies;
And friendliness, instead of distrust.

This may seem simplistic or naive, but the best way to attain different results (different than greed and hatred), is to use different methods, right? Greed has become our national characteristic and identity. Not just the Wall Street bankers, no … if they were alone in their greed, we wouldn’t have so much envy protesting on “Wall Street” and in many major cities. The whole Wall Street protest (OWS) is about greed: the protesters accuse the RICH of being greedy, but the protesters WANT what the rich have – without putting in the effort, of course. GREED! Yes, greed has overtaken our gratitude for all we HAVE that many, many around the world have never thought about. Things like indoor plumbing, running water, HOT water … are all rare when considered in a global sense. If we choose greed over gratitude, we are thinking of THINGS, STUFF. Gratitude for even the small things, for the 2, 5, 25 people who love you, certainly outweighs the Land Rover update or the latest I-phone, don’t you think? It’s a Choice! A Daily choice, but CHOICE is what America is about.

How would YOU change things?