Obama Signs Executive Order:


Obama must not think much of American sovereignty after signing the “Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation” Executive Order (EO 13563).

According to Aaron Klein of WND, this executive order pushes us closer towards a North American Union. I am not sure about that. It does, however, make it easier to impose international regulations on our own domestic industry — which undermines US sovereignty.

Published by Kenneth Schortgen Jr. of the Examiner:

President Obama has been actively signing several Executive Orders over the past two months, many of which imply or allow the Federal government to take control over private property, and the lawful use of that property, with little recourse of due process for businesses and land owners. In March, Obama signed an unnumbered Executive Order which provides the Federal government the power to confiscate land, infrastructure, and human resources in both peacetime, and during a declared crisis. One month later, the President issued an additional Executive Order which allows the government to nationalize, and take control of all natural gas resources.

Every day, more and more economic sovereignty is being signed away by the Obama Administration, with the intention of facilitating a new global economic system whereby the American people and American businesses no longer have the right of due process in the US legal system, but instead are bound under international law and regulation. This new Executive Order signed by President Obama on May 1st is another move towards global governance, and the loss of economic sovereignty for the citizens of the United States.