The “Movement,” first applauded by Pelosi, then exalted by Reid, before being wholly Endorsed by Obama, now receives yet another endorsement.

    The American Nazi Party put out a statement on Thursday that was supportive of the Occupy Wall Street protests. RockSuhayda, the party’s chairman, said, “My heart is right there with these people.”–Foxnews

    The Enemy of our Enemies are now Friends in their Hatred aimed at America.

    Via Breitbart – One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened

What we are witnessing is a fundamental shift in a basic expectation of life in America. For centuries, people have left family and friends to venture to America, the Land of Opportunity, for the chance at a better life. It was a HOPE, not an expectation. These legal immigrants understood they would have to work to make their place in the new world. And so it has been for centuries.

Now, within the last few years, that basic acceptance has gone. There is a new attitude epitomized by the occupant of the Oval office, an angrier, more demanding expectation has taken root. Sadly, its fruit is the same greed they decry! They are angry at those who have “plenty,” and want the same “plenty” themselves – but without the work deposit. How pathetic is this? Clear evidence to the contrary, that evolution is as much a hoax as President Obama’s idea of the American Dream!

Who cares?