The fundamental teaching of Biblical Christianity is LOVE toward unbelievers and enemies. This is the theme from Genesis to Revelation. On the contrary, the Koran teaches violence to unbelievers. Based on this fundamental truth, Islamists who choose to execute jihad in other than violent ways, via political routes or traditional “religious” preaching, are still motivated by HATRED while Christians are compelled, according to the Bible, by the unconditional love of God. In practice, neither succeeds all the time. There are Christians who do not live by God’s love, but rather judge and condemn others for different beliefs. Even though this is true, the fact remains, the Bible commands believers to love their enemies and pray for those who persecute them. Islam motivates its followers to treat non-believers ruthlessly.

Another note about Islam that I found interesting is the outcome. While Biblical believers are assured a place in “heaven,” and most believe this is a fundamental tenet of faith, Islam continues to “pray” for the Prophet every time they refer to him.

Mohammed claimed to be Allah’s last prophet and that the Koran was Allah’s last book.