In case you, dear reader, haven’t discovered this so far, I tend to be VERY opinionated. I’m always willing to listen to opposing points of view, but unless you present compelling evidence, my mind will not change. That said, today seems like a good day to just spill things a bit on a variety of topics – 5 issues of interest. Agree or disagree – your call!

  • The now infamous #WaronWomen is real as evidenced by the new Obama, “Life of Julia!” Any American female who rejoices in this plan, and measures her life by a continuous stream of Government-run programs for which she is eligible has surrendered all traces of her independence and strength! This plan, or ideology is completely distasteful and insulting to any women with any intelligence and identity! It assumes a woman to be totally helpless and unable to take care of herself throughout her life.

  • Another war that is currently being fought “under the table” is the Islamic war – jihad against all that America has been and continues to be in light of Judeo-Christian ethics and mores. The current administration has sold us out, not only for the price of oil, but for the price of America’s heritage and identity – our HISTORY! It is as much a war of ideas and political correctness as it is of bullets and bombs! The mosques in America are often – but not always – meeting places for radicals, and while I understand not all Muslims are extremists, still those who claim moderation do nothing to prohibit violence and jihad. That leaves me to believe Islam is no more (and no less) a religion than Secular Humanism. All I can go by is the simple understanding that the Koran applauds those who accomplish jihad by either converting or killing non-believers. Until this is removed from their holy book, whether one Muslim adheres to it or not is irrelevant! It is still the ultimate goal of their belief system.

  • The best method to defeat the current Democratic or Socialist or Communist regime is to work to find the balance between the peaceful dove and the wisdom of the serpent. I can’t tell you how to do this, only that I know this is the answer. We cannot lower ourselves to the level of our opponent. That would be self-defeating in more ways than one. If e want to rediscover and reclaim the freedoms we have surrendered, we must also rediscover and reclaim the civility of our Founding Fathers.

  • The election looms large on the horizon, and I admit I’m not the happiest camper in Romney’s corner. The best I can say is he is not Communist! However, I also realize that a vote not cast is the same as a vote FOR OBAMA! Like most Americans, I want him OUT, by all means necessary! I would prefer a Conservative candidate, but apparently, that is not to be this time around… maybe. But I will, as I’ve said before, stand with Romney and ray he chooses wisely those who will govern with him. I cannot express the depth of disappointment I feel toward those in office at this time – with barely a handful of exceptions. Congress has sat on its hands and allowed the most grievious mishandling of power ever experienced in our nation. From the unjust DOJ and its illegal gunrunning operation to the silence on the Zimmerman/Travon issue with violent threats left ignored … to the unconstitutional push to get Obamacare through without reading it, without knowing what it contained … to the intentionally porous southern border at the expense of American citizens … this regime is simply out of control, a rogue government that threatens martial law and the suspension of even more of our unalienable rights!

  • Last, but certainly not least, YEA! The WAR ON TERROR is OVER!!!!! But wait, the TSA is still in operation. Our military is still deployed. And our Commander-in-Chief’s view and treatment of our service members and their families is abhorrent!!! He has had more faux pas in the presence of military members and families than ever thought possible. From the Marine “CORPS-man” to the Medal of Honor awardee he looked for among the living to the devastation of his grieving family. His only interaction with the military has been for his own purposes – photo ops at the expense of our military. it is really disgraceful, embarrassing behavior for a President of the United States. Obama Dumps Increased Healthcare Cost On Our Military, but Protects “UNION” Civilian Military Workforce!

    “I just don’t understand two things:

    • How even a Democrat can’t see that this President will do anything to discourage our military including robbing their benefits, apologizing for their actions when it is unnecessary and harmful to our troop safety, and slap them in the face by coddling their union civilian counterparts.
    • Why on God’s Green Earth the GUTLESS REPUBLICANS keep warning us that you can criticize this guy’s (Obama) policies but not Obama himself. What is the difference? He is an Anti-Strong-America bigot who is systemically removing all of our tools to defend our nation and its people whether it is with this sham of a program to demoralize our troops or the tearing down of our nuclear arsenal when every terrorist nation on earth is building theirs.

    AMEN! So ends the 5 Truth-bites for today! And I didn’t even TOUCH the budget/debt/jobs/economy stuff!