I keep finding images that say what is on my heart. This past Tuesday, I worked the polls in PA. I have never been a “party” girl, and that is more true today than ever. It is NOT about party, it is about ideology, principles, and if I can find it, INTEGRITY! It’s about LIFE, a positive message, TRUE hope and change that benefits ALL Americans. I can think of nothing that would benefit ALL AMERICANS more than a resurgence of CHARACTER! A putting away of corruption and compromise, and a rebirth of virtue!

America used to STAND for something. She used to STAND for FREEDOM, for opportunity for all, for the “melting pot” attitude where all are welcomed, but some adaptation is required. Immigrants from every nation still struggle and dream of coming to America in the hope of a chance to MAKE a better life – not have it given to them! Citizenship is a valuable and precious thing … if only we appreciated it the way many in other lands dream and pray for it. Clearly, many of our leaders and elected officials no longer appreciate the FREEDOMS and RIGHTS millions have lived and died to protect.

So, on election day, my advice to any and all askers was very simple:

If they’re IN office, vote ’em out!
When in Doubt, Vote ’em out!