For too long decent, God-fearing people have been told to be quiet, to keep our “religion” inside the church building even though Jesus spent little time talking to religious people. He said it was the sick who needed a physician – but somehow most of our churches have forgotten that and are little more than social clubs. This is also why, in my opinion, the Church as a whole is impotent in facilitating real change!


I don’t write about this topic lightly, and as you’ll see by the dates—I’ve allowed several months and multiple opportunities to pass.  I have no desire to ‘broad-brush’ an entire church based on the behavior of one or two representatives and NO WAY will I lie about a church, but as it turns out, my ‘now former church’ is a poster child for ‘religious political correctness’ crossing paths with ‘uncompromising reality.’  So as a result, I am now forced to use a much ‘looser definition’ of the word ‘church’… but this in no way diminishes my love for God.  ~JDG

I began attending Heartland Community Church in 2008 while it was still a small neighborhood church that often required parking in the street, but that of course, was before they moved into their new mega-complex (pictured below).  The people were cool.  The music was cool…and Pastor Deeble gave some very inspiring and thought-provoking…

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