Sometimes, events and circumstances pile up and seem to wage a war against our happiness and well-being. We squirm and wiggle, all the while trying to regain our comfort. Sometimes, that works. Sometimes, it doesn’t, so we look around and see if there’s anything else we can do or say to regain our comfort or some sense of contentment. It is good to recognize a goal or dream and come to terms with where we are in our pursuit of it. If there is something else I can do, GREAT! I line myself up with that goal, and do everything I am able. EVERYTHING.

If, however, I find myself with no more options, I believe the victory is … to STAND! This is where I find myself with the upcoming election. I have done all I can do thus far. I took a stand and fought for my beliefs. I am not a Romney supporter, nor can I throw my support behind any of the other remaining candidates, however, I realize, too, that to withhold my vote is the same as voting for the opposition in the fall. Once again, like many times in the past, I will vote AGAINST OBAMA, by casting my ballot for the Republican nominee. At the top of my bucket list, my wish remains to actually have a candidate to vote FOR! I will vote AGAINST OBAMA because I am convinced he is working contrary to the welfare of our great nation and the American people in just about EVERYTHING he says and does. He has accomplished much of his personal agenda, to the detriment of our nation. That will continue unabated if he wins another term.

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” by Alexander Hamilton

To some, it may seem overly dramatic, but I swore to support and defend, not the President, not the people, not the government, not the flag, but the Constitution of the United States, and I will not withdraw my oath! None of us know exactly what that might mean in the months and years to come, but I have made my STAND. I have declared it to my family. I believe we must each come to that place – the place of accountability – where we declare, “This far, and no farther! I will not bend any more! I will not compromise my beliefs, my morals, my life any farther, so help me God!

There is good and there is evil loose in our land. Our “fight” is not with people, but with ideas and philosophies. Somehow, we must manage to remember that and make sure our own words and deeds are positive. There IS real Hope & Change out there … There is goodness and kindness! There is honesty and integrity, and we are each capable of it, if that is what we choose! If our leaders will not start the trend, then we must. If we listen instead of accuse … if we make an attempt to understand opposing viewpoints, it will not weaken our resolve! It will, in fact, strengthen it!