Freedom is rapidly unraveling,
as the foundation upon which our nation was built
is disassembled virtue by virtue.

What once was revered as a worthy achievement,
now is mocked in derision
as old-fashioned and out of touch.

The Freedoms millions
fought and died to establish and protect,
are now squandered lightly
in exchange for empty promises and vain excuses.

As if foreign enemies are not enough,
certain elements within our nation
have inoculated us with a “Fear Vaccine,”
turning neighbor against neighbor,
father against son, and brother against brother.

This fear vaccine works backwards, deceptively,
multiplying fear and sowing mistrust,
spreading its contagious terrorist poison.

Worse yet, the vaccine was messed up on purpose, by design,
it is force-fed to those tossed on the waves of political correctness,
breeding dependence on our vainglorious government.

The love of money remains the root of all evil,
and this love of money and power corrupt any
who venture near without a well-worked moral compass.

Count the windows to the top of the tallest building,
the rungs of the proverbial ladder of success,
and they will sing the song of the few who have stood strong.

Short the song may be,
but still the few and noble names resound,
perhaps more dimly now, but still ever present.

The song echos,
while few new names join the heroic list,
but those in uniform lost in battle.

Death by piano as famous names die
and drop off the edge of the earth,
lost in time without their personal North Star.

With no absolute moral compass,
all noble hearts turn cold,
conquered by the universal lust for MORE.

Thanks, BEKINDREWRITE! Great prompts, as always!