I don’t see how anyone with even half a working brain can believe the continuing policies that are growing the debt exponentially can in any way right the ship. What are they thinking?

No one wants to admit they were wrong, or made an error. President Obama is Chief of excuses since, naturally, everything that has gone wrong or that has NOT gone right must be someone else’s fault. This is one of the obstacles we face in the upcoming election. Surely some of those who voted for Obama wish to change their mind, but can they swallow their pride to do so? Time will tell!

Real, live Conservative women. Whoo!! They do look dangerous!

For decades now, children have been taught “Sex Education” in schools in the failed hope of warding off unwanted pregnancies. Simultaneously, they have been taught evolution, and that we are really no different than other primates. They have been taught, in schools, through media bombardment, and political correctness, that it is just expecting TOO much to think human adults (not talking teenage exploration) can harness their sexual hunger control their urges. It is simply not possible, according to the progressive by-line. Strange, how millions of humans have done so for centuries, in complete health and welfare without government assistance or cruel chastity belts!

Just as the Liberals teach “Exceptionalism” is a BAD thing, they also discourage humans from exercising their personal, moral strength in behavioral issues of everyday life. In other words, Liberals sell us all short! We’re better than that! Stronger than that! Today’s Women want and have earned the right to CHOICES! Just because liberal women do not think highly of themselves enough to value their individual choices, doesn’t mean they can ascribe their amorality on ALL women!

What some bright Democrats are beginning to realize is that the Democratic Party has left most loyal Democrats behind. Today’s Democratic Party is not the Party we grew up with or that our parents grew up with. In fact, it is no longer lead by “Democrats,” but by “Socialists,” with a generous sprinkling of Communists mixed in. This poses a real dilemma for the average union worker, teacher, or state employee as they seek to vote their conscience. Many of these folks have always voted Democratic, but they have become aware of the mishandling of Union funds by their leaders. They have become aware of the Un-American attitudes of some of their Party leaders, and they are honestly torn.

I expect many issues to arise over the next few months as distractions. President Obama cannot run for re-election on his successes because there have been NONE! Well, maybe we’ll give him the capture of Osama Bin Laden, after all, he did allow the event. But from the budget (which btw is still a joke) to his debt management (which is also a joke) to his “Hope & Change” (which is now known to be only smoke & mirrors) to his National Defense strategy (Is there one?), this administration has not only allowed the first (and subsequent) credit downgrades in history and aided and abetted the “enemy” in what was called the Arab Spring, but we now know was nothing more than the takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood of each of the governments involved and more to come, most likely. He has also welcomed these same Muslim Brotherhood representatives into the White House while reviling the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, to his face and behind his back.

For in reason,
all government without the consent of the governed
is the very definition of slavery.

Jonathan Swift