*NOTE: I have been informed that “HADJI” is a racist slur toward Arabs. That is NOT my intention, but, if the shoe fits …

Why do we think the freedom to murder our unborn children is a vaunted freedom, one worthy of a modern, educated, independent woman? Excuse me for thinking, but as an intelligent, independent-thinking woman, I resent the implication that I cannot control my own sexual appetites. WHO SAYS I am not able to control myself?

I am a strong, independent, educated woman, and it really irks me that people say sex is inevitable! BOLOGNA! I chose when, with whom, how often! MY CHOICE … with my partner! I value myself enough to be particular about those with whom I am intimate as any reasonably intelligent woman should be! If, however, I choose to be promiscuous, or play the player, I am still responsible enough to protect myself!

As a mother of three children, I made sure each of them also understood their personal value before they could barter themselves too cheaply. Yes, we see it everywhere. FREE SEX! On TV, in movies, all over magazines and the internet. Sex is everywhere, but who decided it was “prudish” to say NO? Who decided it was old-fashioned to have a high value on yourself? Who declared IRRESPONSIBILITY was the rule of sexual behavior? ANSWER: The ones who ARE unable to control themselves! The weak-willed ones, the followers. That is not ME!

No one else makes my decisions! I make my own. I decide who is my friend, who is my employer, who is my lover. No one else. No one decides for me if I will bear children or not (unless my body or my spouse’s is unable physically.) For years I have listened to sappy liberal women some of whom are genuinely educated, proclaim their “right to Choice!” AMEN, sister@! We do indeed have the right to choice whether to have sex, whether to have unprotected sex, whether to refrain, or whether to take the chance of becoming pregnant. THAT is my choice and yours! In this day and age there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for not being prepared, for not being in control of my passions, for being “taken advantage of” outside of rape!

Ladies, it is total crap to say you are for a woman’s choice if you never exercise your choice to say NO! THAT is our choice! THAT is our greatest empowerment!

Oh, and don’t give me the crap about incest rape or medical emergency either! Just about everyone is willing to make exceptions in those few instances, but they don’t even make up 1% of the total number of abortions done in the US!

GROW UP, girls! Be who you want to be, but BE RESPONSIBLE for your own choices. Don’t pass that off as someone else’s job!