With a dire desire to build a mask,
I ponder life’s bold images,
And scan the shapes, the colors, and shades,
And gauge life’s starts and finishes.

What sort of mask do I need today,
Something bright and frilly,
Or perhaps today I wish to say,
Something dark and chilly.

What shall I choose to become today,
A mask of joy or sorrow,
What passion shall I evoke today,
Red or blue, green or yellow?

My mask is real, I quickly announce,
It’s who I want to be,
It’s ME, It’s ME, angrily I pronounce
I don’t know why you can’t see!

Remember my dreams, and let me be
The girl with the blaring horn,
Dont let me forget who You made me to be
Underneath all the masks I have worn.

I hear you scoff at my contemplation,
That I dare to design my mask,
Who does yours, I sweetly inquire,
Or should I bother to ask?

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