This film was made in 2003 … The ethnic cleansing has been going on THAT LONG?????? And the Media is … WHERE???? God, forgive us!

Since 2003, at least, the religion of peace has been actively eliminating Christians from Nigeria … It continues there and many other nations around the globe on this Holy weekend 2012. At some point, Christians need to realize what is happening, and arm themselves with the Biblical sword. In the tiny prophetic book of Hosea, God tells his people through his prophet that they perish because they have no VISION, no knowledge of the TRUTH. We cannot afford to “play church” any longer. If the God of Creation truly indwells us, we are equipped to STAND with VISION, knowing what has been, and assured of what is promised.

We’ve seen the huge exaggeration of Trayvon, and the media’s about face as the FACTS surface through the miry muck. Such a ruckus from the liberal left – unjustified by facts while plenty of FACTS are available on the thousands of Christians being slaughtered by Muslims – some of whom our President has welcomed into the White house!

Appalled yet? Outraged yet? Angry enough to DO SOMETHING YET???