With all the hoopla going on in our mixed up, corrupt world, it is easy to become downhearted. WE are of many faiths, many denominations and creeds, but this much I can say with great confidence: Jesus will return one day for His Church, His Bride. No one knows when. No one knows exactly how this will occur. It seems like a wannabe fairy tale, but it is true.

Many have tried to determine exactly when this event will occur, but every prediction thus far, has obviously been incorrect. There are currently rumors of cataclysmic events being forecast by the Mayan Calendar since it ends in 2012. I suggest to your perusal Matt 24, and while scholars and theologians disagree on the meaning and timing of some of these events, the most important things to understand are:

  1. God is supreme, AND He is more interested in your life than your comfort.
  2. Denominations and specific religious organizations will fall away like every other thing MAN has built. Only what is built on the ROCK, i.e. Jesus will stand. Jesus is not returning for a harem. There is only one Bride, and she incorporates all who have donned the name of Christ and received His life-giving sacrifice.
  3. It is God who raises up and God who puts down kingdoms and nations. While we must certainly do our part and participate in our Republic by educating ourselves on the issues and candidates and voting accordingly, it is God who determines the outcome for His purpose.

We live in uncertain times. Maybe every generation feels this is so, but with the Middle East in turmoil, Europe in economic collapse, and the USA hanging over the precipice, it is a great time to know no matter what happens, there is a Mighty God Who, for some mysterious reason, loves each one of us enough to rescue us from ourselves.