by William Warren

I might be taking what Sean Hannity said on his radio program out of context because I was only able to catch about 15 minutes of it while in the car.

But here is how Hannity put Obama’s thought process together.

  1. Obama is telling Israel to stop talking tough on Iran.
  2. Obama says tough talk on Iran is making gas prices go up.
  3. Obama says gas prices going up helps Iran.

Sean Hannity went on to say these valid points.

  1. To tell Israel what to do is not being a good ally.
  2. To blame Israel for their tough talk would be to ignore all of Iran’s actions (denying the Holocaust, wanting to wipe Israel off the map, etc).

Hannity further tied it all together by stating what he thought Obama’s position is: if Israel stopped talking tough then gas prices would not go up thereby high gas prices are the fault of Israel.

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