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Progressive Seduction

“Try not to scream,” he sweetly said,
As he tore away Liberty’s soul,
Placating her well with his eloquent smile,
And pretty words not true.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen,” he said,
“You weren’t supposed to notice,
You’re not that bright, after all,
That’s why what I do is so right.”

“Close your eyes, and do not doubt,
I have your best interest at heart,
Then you can be airless and busy and free,
A mind-writer without decree.”

“Do not fold or spindle or bend,
Our documents are old and outdated,
Never fear, my dear, our messiah is near,
A new form of governance in mind.”

“My frustration overfloweth,” she cried,
As her words dripped with disdain.
“But all the better to say my piece,
Than to rue the day I refrained.”