The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.

Thomas Jefferson

I had no clue this was such an inspirational topic! I’ve posted a few of the many articles on the topic at the bottom of the article for your perusal!

YES! EVERY AMERICAN should be involved in politics! I don’t want ONLY Christians, or ONLY College graduates, or ONLY those who are taller than 6 feet … but ALL American citizens are needed to help keep our nation moving in the direction WE want it to move. WE are the ones who define America. WE are the ones who dictate policy, but if we are silent, how will they know? The United States is not a Theocracy, and the Constitution guards against the establishment of such just as much as it guards against a God-less society.

That said, YES! People of moral character, religious or non-religious, need to be MORE involved than in the recent past. For decades, WE have been told to stay inside our churches or synagogues, but did Jesus? NO WAY! He took himself and His knowledge of God everywhere He went, and we take Jesus every place we go, if in fact, we are people of faith. We need to take Him to the check out girl at the grocery store. We need to take Him to the lunch dinner with clients. We need to take Him to the play date for our children. We need to take Him to the homes of our friends and neighbors as we seek to be His hands and heart. As part of our community, we take Jesus with us to our political organizations and meetings, too. To our school board meetings, to our child’s ballet class, to little league practice. Are you catching my drift?

Politics is part of life – an important part of the life of an American. It is important that we educate ourselves – as I’ve said before, we must utilize our self-reliance and educate ourselves concerning the policies and ideas our government issues. If we agree, if there is no conflict, fine. If there is a problem, a conflict between our beliefs, our values and the policies and ideals of any elected official, we must speak up, else how will they know we dissent!

Our focus, however, must remain on Jesus! It is not any particular candidate or party that will bring Salvation to America or to you and me. Government is not the author of our rights or our salvation! America was birthed for the purpose of religious freedom – that each individual might be free to worship according to his or her conscience. It is the Godly character that built this nation! It has been our higher morality that has guarded our personal liberties for ALL Americans. We must guard, though, against the “spiritualization” of government while reminding Americans of the honor and dignity of moral character!

To suppose that any form of government
will secure liberty or happiness
without any virtue in the people,
is a chimerical [wildly fanciful] idea.

James Madison

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