I Believe Freedom is Worth Fighting for!

This is a statement of “belief,” but only that. It is not yet a statement of faith. It accomplishes nothing. It is empty words. It says very little. It simply states Freedom is. It is non-committal… until some action is assigned to it!

“In a culture of gray where anything could be justified, rationalized, or spun to mean just the opposite,” most of us long somewhere deep inside us for black and white. Our American culture, however, has disintegrated into a culture of gray … neutral … politically correct. The noise of ideas, many and varied, bounces from one ethnicity to another, from one tradition to another stopping only momentarily at the current popular rebellion. Few ideas are held dear. Few beliefs are held onto securely.

I Believe Freedom is Worth Fighting for!

A statement of belief. It is an acknowledgement that in some sphere, some form Freedom exists. Nothing more, nothing less. Freedom is.

When I add that I believe freedom is worth fighting for, I add action, a little muscle to my belief, but it is still just an acknowledgement that freedom is worth fighting for. It is an ambiguous statement, non-committal. In other words, it could just as easily say, “I believe someone should fight for freedom.” If I change it to say, “I believe I should be willing to fight for freedom,” my statement has graduated to faith. It says freedom is important enough to me that I am willing to fight for it, and it becomes a “faith” statement. I’m willing to risk my money, my security, my family … something to secure FREEDOM. It not only states my belief that freedom is worth fighting for, but that I believe strongly enough that freedom exists, that I’m willing to put some additional muscle behind my belief.

Remember the old proverbial story about Everyone, Someone, Anyone, and No one? I’m adjusting it to fit my statement today.

    There were once four brothers: Everyone, Someone, Anyone and No one. They were called upon to defend freedom. Everyone was sure that Someone would do it. Anyone could have done it, but No one did it in the end. Someone was angry because it should have been Everyone’s job. Everyone thought that Anyone could have done it, but No one realized that No one would have to do it in the end. In the end, Everyone was angry at Someone because No one did what Anyone could’ve done. Author unknown

I Believe Freedom is Worth Fighting for!

If we understand that nothing worthwhile in this life is free, then we understand that freedom, and anything else we value, comes at a cost. This seems to be where most Americans are struggling these days. We want the good life, but aren’t willing to work toward it. We want lots of “stuff,” but aren’t willing to save and work out a workable plan to obtain the “stuff” we want. We want to live “happily ever after,” but aren’t willing to work at our relationships. We want healthy, happy children, but aren’t willing to put time and effort into them to accomplish that end. The crying machine, otherwise known as OWS are the embodiment of spoiled children throwing tantrums, fussing about “unfairness” but unwilling to commit themselves to a path that would alleviate their undesirable circumstances. Money and material goods are not necessarily the definition of success … or are they? Are you seeing the pattern?

“Up until the 1950’s, American children yearned for adulthood. When their time came to be adults, they stepped into the role proudly, leaving childhood behind and taking up the mantles of responsibility, honor, and dignity. They embraced and championed the ideals of those who came before them while valiantly tackling new ideas and problems that their families, communities, and nation faced…Americans now shun adulthood preferring to remain in a state of perpetual adolescence. By failing to move forward with grace and dignity, they leave a gaping hole in American society. They treat relationships like disposable lighters, tossing marriages away when they run out of gas. Children are left without families, and even worse, they are left without adults as role models of responsible behavior. With this lack of willingness to step forward and embrace adulthood, the nation has lost sight of its core values and ideals. In its place has morphed an ‘every man and woman for himself’ mentality in which materialism is placed before spirituality and submission to God.”

(Quoted from The Last Patriot, a novel by Brad Thor)

Ideas and beliefs are covered with words, but until energy is added to the words, they are empty and powerless in our pursuit of happiness. Instead, we hold onto our weaknesses as though they could put money in the bank or food on our tables. When our “belief” statements become statements of faith, ACTION is the result. This is where the saying, “Put your money where your mouth is,” came from. Don’t just SAY you believe, SHOW it … DO something to defend your belief. That is faith.

    With the onset of World War II, numerous challenges confronted the American people. The government found it necessary to ration food, gas, and even clothing during that time. Americans were asked to conserve on everything. With not a single person unaffected by the war, rationing meant sacrifices for all.

    Food and goods were rationed; everyone participated in the war effort. Everyone shared in the cost of freedom.

    In the spring of 1942, the Food Rationing Program was set into motion. Rationing would deeply affect the American way of life for most. The federal government needed to control supply and demand. Rationing was introduced to avoid public anger with shortages and not to allow only the wealthy to purchase commodities… Rationing regulated the amount of commodities that consumers could obtain. Sugar rationing took effect in May 1943 with the distribution of “Sugar Buying Cards.” Registration usually took place in local schools. Each family was asked to send only one member for registration and be prepared to describe all other family members. Coupons were distributed based on family size, and the coupon book allowed the holder to buy a specified amount. Possession of a coupon book did not guarantee that sugar would be available. Americans learned to utilize what they had during rationing time. MORE HERE

The American public was willing to contribute to the War effort in whatever ways they were able, but they helped! They adjusted. They GAVE. They helped one another. Today, we have become a nation of TAKERS, not givers. When President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country,” it was not a rhetorical question. It was a mentality … a statement of values that no longer lives in America much to our detriment.

I “believe” the seeds of that giving attitude lay dormant still in most of us, but they are useless unless activated in love for something bigger than we are. This is the motivation behind my writing. It calls me from my bed each day, and fills me with purpose as I go about my daily life. I BELIEVE! I Believe in the American Spirit of self-reliance and compassion. I believe in the American people, descendents of legal immigrants who came for a new, more hopeful start. I believe that even though some seek to divide us, we are still One People of many backgrounds, many faiths, many creeds and cultures, but still One People. I also believe our national identity has been confused in a quagmire of pseudo-intelligent thought.

I Believe Freedom is Worth Fighting for!

But faith is not the end of the journey. Faith can grow into the the powerful muscle of Conviction. When one holds something so dear it becomes a “conviction,” that idea or belief has grown to preeminence.

And for the support of this Declaration,
with a firm reliance on the protection
of Divine Providence,
we mutually pledge to each other our Lives,
our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

The Declaration of Independence

At the risk of heresy, I admit some degree of admiration for the radical Islamists willing to die for their faith. I may believe they are in devastating error, but nevertheless, they have committed their lives to what they believe, and that is admirable. It causes me to ask myself if I am willing to die for what I hold true and dear. I do not see many today willing to die for … anything! If we aren’t willing to die for it, we aren’t willing to live for it either!

The place beyond faith, where faith takes preeminence in one’s life is where faith becomes conviction. We can hold multiple convictionary beliefs, but our life must demonstrate our conviction. It will not depend on a T-shirt identification! Belief + Action = Faith + Personal Sacrifice = Conviction!


The WAR Cry of the Revolution!

Today, you and I have to decide if we will make the transition to adulthood, assume the responsibilities that come with adulthood and put our lives on the line for what we hold dear … or not. Currently, it looks like we are not willing to really “BELIEVE” what we want can actually happen in America. It looks like we are admitting defeat, and surrendering to it. It looks like most Americans have surrendered to the manipulation of the liberal left and embraced the doctrines of “fairness.” in exchange for personal freedom and responsibility. It looks like we’re just way too comfortable to be concerned with all the crazy notions of socialist policy, radical Islamic factions wanting to exchange our Constitution of Sharia Law, with outrageous inflation and job loss. Just too busy being adult children.


What are YOU & I willing to pay for our Personal Freedom?

In 1916, Rev. William John Henry Boetcker developed a list entitled Seven National Crimes, possibly patterned after the Seven Deadly Sins, that if committed would inevitably lead to the end of everything the United States was built to be:

    1. I don’t think.
    2. I don’t know.
    3. I don’t care.
    4. I’m too busy.
    5. I leave well enough alone.
    6. I have no time to read and find out.
    7. I am not interested.

“Never mind what others do,” Boetcker said. “Do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day, and you are a success.” With the all-important 2012 election in progress, we cannot rest for a moment. We must take Boetcker’s tried and true aphorisms to heart and act. Act out of love, out of gratitude, out of concern for future generations … but ACT!

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