If only every American could get a glimpse of the damage done to America’s foundation in the last decade, but especially in the last 3 years. The total disregard for the will of the people AND the US Constitution is beyond measure!

Socialism is not the Answer


Western Journalism

During World War II, posters displaying the slogan “Loose lips might sink ships” reminded service members and civilians alike to avoid indiscreet discussions about secure information that could be exploited by the enemy and used against America during wartime. People understood that freedom of speech did not give them license to spill their guts because national security was vital to victory and victory was paramount to America’s survival.

But that was then. Today, we have an administration that embraces a “Loose Lips For Political Expediency” philosophy. (No, I’m not talking about Vice President Biden.) Case in point: A headline I read the other day titled “SEALs becoming [the] face of Obama’s defense strategy.” Say, what?

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