Dedicated to President Obama and the OWS!

The interesting thing about this list is that in past generations, it was not NECESSARY to teach these lessons in school. Parents took care of this responsibility, and they reinforced these lessons repeatedly and thoroughly until graduation, in most cases.

Today, for whatever reasons, parents no longer teach their children basic rules of life. Many, in my experience, do not even bother with the instruction of “right” and “wrong.” Children are born, and at anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months old, they are introduced to the delightful “socialization” of day cares where, if you’re lucky, the child’s caregiver will have a high school diploma. When they reach school age, they are simply dropped off at a different location where the real indoctrination begins, lead by unionized, well funded and extraordinarily powerful Teachers’ unions control everything from the curriculum on down to the class size.

Then we wonder why kids get lost along their way … ?

I will soon enter the delightful world of “grand-parenting,” and I have already warned ( 😉 ) my kids that Gramma will have a say!