Nancy Morgan Hart by Louis S. Glanzman

Hail, the Magic Man 2013

Once upon a time, there was a magic man,
Who seemed to appear from nowhere,
His words they were sweet, like honey-dipped manna,
And many fell in step behind him.

Like the Pied Piper of old, this magical man,
Did weave and dip and slide,
His promises soared high above the clouds;
All in accordance with the plan.

Like taking candy from strangers, we should have known better,
Than believe all his sweet-tasting lies,
But who wants to work if ya don’t really have to,
Get that rich great “Uncle” to pay the tab.

Trying to escape, traveling by balloon,
Embarrassed by the magic man’s deceit,
I called high and lo, to all those who’d go,
“Come with me,” I said, “if you want to live free!

“We’ll up, up and away, where we’re free everyday,
To work and improve our lot,
To build our own “kingdom” with our blood, sweat and tears,
And dispel all our misplaced fears.”

But alas and alack, there was nowhere else to go,
No place that offered half a chance,
So here I must stay, and here I will fight,
With my words and my passion, day & night!

Women in The American Revolution

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