Yes, here I was researching another project when I happened across a treasure I must share! Some of you may be already awaare, but it’s

Kids Thank a Veteran

The primary purpose of this web site is to thank our American Veterans who have served in the United States Military. You will also find buttons giving you information on many other topics which are related to our American service personal, patriotic crafts, our flag, Veterans holidays, American wars and conflicts, memorials, teacher activities, etc., as well as other websites which will give you additional information on a variety of related topics.

“Kids Thank a Veteran” will let you tell us that you have thanked a Veteran by just saying “Thank you for serving”. It`s that simple. Many Veterans wear a special hat or button which would identify them. You will see Veterans at many parades and special events. There are rules that must be followed.

The website is geared to young children, elementary age, with crafts ideas, and ideas as well as information about what a Veteran is and who he or she might be.

According to the Department of Veteran`s Affairs there are approximately 23,200,000 living Veterans today. Approximately 1,824,200 of these veterans are women. Our World War II Veterans are dying at a rate of about 900 per day. At this time we have approximately 1,800.000 living WWII Veterans but this number will be down to approximately 81,000 by September 30, 2024. (Statistics from the Department of Veteran`s Affairs)

One sad story about our Veterans is that many are homeless. These men served their country and now many of them have no where to live. It is estimated that 33% of the male homeless population are Veterans and that 67% served their country for more than three years. War affects people in many ways and the Veterans who served in Vietnam were affected greatly by what they went through. Many suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and did not get support from their families and society. About 47% of homeless Veterans are from the Vietnam Era.

The VA estimates that there are about 107,000 homeless Veterans on the street each night and that over half a million may be homeless at some time each year.

I especially like their Butterfly Tree located in Arlington National Cemetery. The Children’s National Butterfly Tree Memorial is now at Arlington National Cemetery! “It was delivered on June 30th and is on display in the Visitors Center. The eleven foot, 300+ pound tree was set up with the help of agents from the Washington DC and New York offices of the FBI, a former member of the US Army National Guard and Lowe’s. Also working on the tree were Jeff Reid, who built the tree, and Cherie Reid, Director of Kids Thank a Veteran. This “living memorial” now has almost 5,500 red, white and blue butterflies and additional butterflies will be added as needed. Thanks so much to the children, educators and everyone who helped create this tribute. This project is a wonderful tribute to those soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice.”

This Butterfly Tree along with several other projects aimed at children are wonderful opportunities to not only instruct children about history … our REAL history, but get them INVOLVED in history-making!!!