2012 Presidential Candidate Fundraising Summary

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Washington (CNN) — Are American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS comparable to labor unions and MoveOn.org? Democratic activists scoff at the question. But Steven Law, Crossroads’ CEO, says yes.

“American Crossroads was conceived as an answer to the hundreds of millions of dollars that unions and MoveOn.org and other groups on the left have been spending for years to support Democrats,” Law said.

“So we started American Crossroads because we thought there ought to be a way for us to try and level the playing field.”

Adam Ruben, political director for Moveon.org, says it’s a fundamentally different approach to political engagement.

“Their money is secret. It comes in seven-figure chunks. That gives them a fundamentally different role in our democracy,” Ruben said, explaining that Moveon.org’s average donation is $28. “A group that exists for ultra-rich people to essentially buy elections is counter to the American democratic tradition.”

The labor unions that invested the most in the 2010 elections say they collectively spent $177 million on political activities (the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees: $93 million; the Service Employees International Union: $44 million; the National Education Association: $40 million). In the same cycle, the top three Republican outside spending groups spent $147 million on political activities (American Crossroads and GPS: $71 million; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: $50 million; the American Action Network: $26 million).

In terms of dollars spent, labor unions are competitive. But it’s worth looking at the differences between the groups and how that affects their disclosure laws…READ MORE

Labor Unions for decades have used the podium of their unions and the dues paid by member to back Democratic candidates at all levels of government. Having grown up just outside the steel-city of Pittsburgh, Unions are a pretty big thing. Steeleworkers and coalminers along with teamsters unions are like old family friends – well, like acquaintances not well liked in my families’household. Like so many other organizations, public or private, the larger they grow, the more corruption rises. Could it have something to do with the nature of Humans? Just sayin …


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