By ANNE GEARAN AP National Security Writer
WASHINGTON January 14, 2012 (AP)

Tensions rising by the day, the Obama administration said Friday it is warning Iran through public and private channels against any action that threatens the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. The Navy revealed that two U.S. ships in and near the Gulf were harassed by Iranian speedboats last week. [in spite of the Americans twice rescuing Iranians from pirates?]

Spokesmen were vague on what the United States would do about Iran’s threat to block the strategic Strait of Hormuz, but military officials have been clear that the U.S. is readying for a possible naval clash.

That prospect is the latest flashpoint with Iran, and one of the most serious. Although it currently overshadows the threat of war over Iran’s disputed nuclear program, perhaps beginning with an Israeli military strike on Iran’s nuclear structure, both simmering crises raise the possibility of a shooting war this year.

“We have to make sure we are ready for any situation and have all options on the table,” Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said, addressing a soldier’s question Thursday about the overall risk of war with Iran… READ MORE

Exactly what is Obama’s stand? The Iranians got our downed drone, and now they want to stop the flow of oil, not to mention keep the US away from their neck of the woods. What is our President doing about this? We asked for the return of the drone, but how well did that work? Why did the drone go down anyway? Do we know? Is anyone asking??? Or are we too afraid to ask? busy bowing and scraping to notice their laughter.