When you survey the political landscape in our nation, aside from the various “ships” (political figures) on the surface, how do you see the landscape?

From my perspective, the water is raging below the surface, but but only somewhat tossed on the surface. The surface issues that “toss” the water are the various issues we hear about, see, and write about daily. Obamacare, the economy, the deficit, taxes, the Republican establishment, the Democrats, the politicians, the Capitalists … Occupy, Labor, National defense, illegal immigration, Iran, Korea, Sudan, Uganda … These are the surface issues that disrupt the peace and cause rough water.

Below the surface, however, the currents rage – simple, yet complicated social & moral currents. The various philosophies of our age push and shove the others back and forth, around the under where most people cannot or will not look. It is this raging of ideas that has brought me to my own political decision.

No one man or one party has created (or permitted) the mess we now have at hand. Nor do I believe it is a collection of random acts that produce evil or malicious effects. However, my mind requires SIMPLE! I tend to break things down to the lowest common denominator to get the the roots. In this case, here is what I see (for what it’s worth):

I see the truth of basic human corruption coming to a head and resulting in an increasing chasm between those who seek virtue and those who do not. For any number of reasons, there are groups of people who seek self-improvement, to rise above the ugliness that lives within each of us. Some go to God (in numerous ways), some do Yoga, some simple work at self-discipline to minimize personal weaknesses.

On the other hand, there are a seemingly growing number of people who are doing just the reverse. They perceive a weakness within themselves, and rather than admit it and seek to change it, they embrace it and attempt to convert others to its corrupt “goodness.”

These groups of people are surrounding the candidate that exemplifies (or justifies) their own personal stand or place in the spectrum. Not goodness and evil, but compromise vs steadfastness. It frustrates me to hear and see the current candidates attacking and picking on one another because that is the kind of politics that got us where we are. Some of these guys have compromised their own character by giving credence to the attack ads of another. One has supporters that are rude and unruly, still he refuses to correct them. One says the same thing over and over and could easily be replaced by a remote controlled Mattel version. I confess, I’m disappointed in the “friendly fire” on the Campaign trail. It will all be ugly enough when the President jumps in against the nominee. I was really hoping they could keep it clean until then, at least.

A nation’s destiny is the inevitable consequence it’s peoples’ values
A nation’s destiny is not the result of arbitrary fate but the inevitable consequence of the values to which its people subscribe. Numerous historical studies have shown that attitudes with regard to personal excellence, individual accomplishment, and self-control predict national periods of rise, ascendancy and decline.

The people who flocked to America’s shores between 1620 and 1900 weren’t looking for a hand out. They didn’t ask for assistance. All they wanted was liberty to do the best that they could with their lives. It was given to them, and they turned the United States into a land or promise.

A people’s values are evident in the literature they create. The most popular works of a hundred and fifty years ago were filled with stories of self-reliance, faith, honesty, perseverance, and victorious achievement. The modern media, by contrast, careen from one “crisis” to the next. The emphasis is on helplessness and victimization. Politicians expand their followings by offering to “help” the citizen with things that he ought to be dealing with himself.

The old emphasis on self-reliance made America great. Will the modern emphasis on dependency destroy her? Read Personal Character and National Destiny. ~ Harold B. Jones

What is the attraction of the candidate of your choice? I can say I’m going for character because personal liberties mean nothing without personal character to monitor and manage them … IMHO. The Founding Fathers had virtuous goals, virtuous ideals that motivated them, and distracted them from less virtuous drives like greed. They were not all men of faith, yet they were men who sought to create a legacy of character. What kind of legacy are we working toward?

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