By George Crudo at

Let’s face it: political discourse isn’t exactly friendly turf. With such strong views and opinions, courteous and respectful discussions among those who disagree is an absolute rarity. Civil and open-minded discussions might result in compromises, rationality, and better living standards for everybody. Unfortunately for us though, we’re not playful, understanding bunny rabbits.


We’re humans, and sometimes we like to rant about our opinions. There’s nothing wrong with that. We have free speech after all, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yet, the clashing of opinions can often result in something we all know as the black hole of arguments. It may start as a casual troll comment on a Facebook status.

That elevates into towers of back-and-forth dialogue until one person gives up, realizes it’s 3am, and rushes to get food because they didn’t even realize that they missed eating dinner. Or lunch.

In my experience, arguing is never worth it. Nothing is ever gained, the other person won’t have a flash of realization that changes their views. Even in the rarest instance that he or she does, a week later, he or she will just link to Paul Krugman, saying “This article on how alternate dimensions and black holes are responsible for our ailing economy is BRILLIANT!” FINISH ARTICLE HERE