Waking up to silence, wrapped in its strong arms,
My thoughts surveyed the rough terrain and snuggled deeper down,
A quiet Voice whispered within me, saying “Shh, I am here!”
While a timid smile stretched oh-so-slowly across my weary face.

Wars to the left of me and battles to the right, signs of the times abound,
But scarier still is the sunken horizon of virtuous integrity,
Absolutes are merely relative now, and compromise is the way of life,
That rips and strips our freedoms daily and endorses bomby weather.

“Please,” I whispered into the silence, “Please, heal our scattered land!
The people are lost and lonely, frightened and filled with hate.
America, the Beautiful has forgotten the Source of her own name;
Remind us where we’ve come from and unite us once again!”

“Recall in us the strength we’ve known at troubled times gone by,
And help us dare to move out and about, to touch a neighbor’s hand.”
“Sorry, not in my job description,” someone might say,
“Yet, if not me, who will climb the hill and rekindle the light to shine?”

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