The militant Islamist group, Boko Haram, has issued a chilling warning to all Christians in northern Nigeria, giving them three days to leave or face further extensive attacks.

A damaged crucifix overlooks the scene of a bomb explosion at St. Theresa Catholic Church at Madalla, Suleja, just outside Nigeria’s capital Abuja, December 25, 2011. Five bombs exploded on Christmas Day at churches in Nigeria.

The violence in Nigeria by Boko Haram has led to a stiff ultimatum by the group, which has warned that it is ready to confront soldiers sent to engage them under a state of emergency declared by Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan.

“We will confront them squarely to protect our brothers,” said Abul Qaqa, spokesperson of Boko Haram, according to CNN.

He also called for Muslims living in southern Nigeria to come back to the north, citing evidence that they could be attacked.

President Jonathan declared a state of emergency Saturday in areas of Nigeria infected with violent Islamist insurgency. He shut down borders with Cameroon, Chad and Niger in the northeast, according to Reuters. The state of emergency was announced in response to multiple violent attacks aimed at Christians in Nigeria, including a Christmas day attack that left 37 people dead and 57 wounded.

Boko Haram, which is reported to have ties with al-Qaida, has claimed responsibility for the killings. In response President Jonathan has vowed to “crush” the group, according to MSNBC. He said they began as a harmless group, but has now grown cancerous.

Shehu Sani, a human rights activist, has told CNN that Boko Haram’s threats are credible, but has warned that northern Christians have nowhere else to go after being born and raised in the area. Sani said that killings will continue and Boko Haram will simply move its violence to areas not yet affected to bypass the state of emergency.

While this story cites both CNN and MSNBC, has anyone heard any of this on the news or seen it written about anyplace else? Clearly, the “war” between Christians and Islamists has escalated all over the globe. What can be done? Acknowledge, first of all, that Islam is NOT a religion, but a political system including religious practice, but limited to that. Americans must grasp the fact that the Islamic political system mandates global take-over in its tenets. Contrary to what Ron Paul believes, these people mean us (and Israel – our ally) harm. Period! Ignoring that or sticking our heads in the sand will not change Islamist animosity toward the West. I don’t know what the solution, if there is one, might be, but it is never wise to ignore an armed foe.


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