"I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man." ~ George Washington

Don’t look now, but we’re under attack,
I know you don’t care and you’re really much too busy,
But the jig is up already because they’re loaded for bear,
The cryptocracy now has power, while we nod and go our way.

This means war: they come from both sides now,
Slick career politicians who’ll say anything for your vote,
While we go about our daily struggle, oblivious – in denial.
We didn’t know it was a loaded promise, yea right – Hope and Change!

We never agreed to this, at least I know I never did!
I’m tired of the nastiness, can we be grown-ups PLEASE?
Polls and policies, and poisoned propaganda spins,
It seems as though we’re trapped inside our own apathy here.

And still Old Glory waves atop the flagpoles across our land,
A witness to the changes much more dangerous than bullets,
Still hoping to inspire dreams of great American courage,
WE-the-PEOPLE, it’s our turn now to awaken and make history proud.

Thanks again, BEKINDREWRITE, and may 2012 bring many Inspired Mondays & Tuesdays & Wednesdays … Thanks for your time and encouragement!