By Michelle Malkin · Saturday, December 24, 2011

They just don’t know when to quit. Consumed with the singular task of re-electing Barack Obama, progressives across the country will use the holiday season to propagandize their conservative relatives and friends. White House elves are directing the re-education Christmas camp efforts.

On Tuesday, the Obama 2012 campaign released an instructional video titled “Home for the Holidays: Share Why You’re Working to Re-elect President Obama.” Instead of relaxing with loved ones, the president’s monomaniacal campaign staff and volunteers provide “pointers” and “strategies” for converting their “stubborn” families.

Not coincidentally, the operatives at — funded by Obama donor George Soros — spearheaded a similar holiday re-programming effort at Thanksgiving. Headlined, “Your Conservative Uncle,” the group urged supporters (and e-mailed public school teachers across the country whether they approved of the message or not) to “correct” family members who watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Hark, hear the talking points.

The slickly produced Obama video spotlights testimonials from exasperated young people speaking condescendingly of their Republican-voting fathers and grandmothers. Obama, says one, is the “politician of my generation.” He’s a “people’s man,” preaches another. Those who disagree are ignorant, “stuck in their ways” and “works in progress,” the campaign drones complain. READ MORE

Ya know … Does this turn anyone else’s stomach? I’m all for “campaigning” and informing the people on issues and policies, but the trend (truthfully, on both sides, but more NASTY from the Left) of organized effort to deceive (rather than inform) gullible Americans is just plain despicable!!! Meanwhile, seems to me, as Obama is puppeted by the power mongers around him, so he spreads his obsequiousness to those who believe in his holiness!

Is there NO INTEGRITY left in Washington??? In the USA???