The war that never happened was a long time ago,
And now we’re told it really never happened at all.
The Founding Fathers were losers and cheats, rich guys like on Wall Street
And like today, all they sought was gold to line their greedy pockets.

Ah, but mind games are common place among the ruling elite,
And ambiguities rule the day and rule the courts as well;
What works for one doesn’t hold for another, everything is relative
Because after all, the Law is the Law, except when it’s not.

Reading faces of lost children, forgotten in our ‘busyness’
A lost veteran hides under the bridge with a cardboard box as home.
A beggar king with his crowned queen sharing a can of beans,
While politicians line their pockets with promises for the best nightmare in town.

It leaves me scratching my head sometimes, so much of America has vanished,
And yet it lingers, American pride simmers below the surface
But I insist it only sleeps, at least that is my hope,
And one day soon we will arise echoing our former glory.

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