Lookouts in Afghanistan

The troops from Iraq are mostly home. Is that the end? My thoughts have scrambled from one position to the next across the board in search of something that fits, to no avail.

There are so many issues involved in the debate, from the people of Iraq to the people of America … if only we knew the TRUTH.

In a nutshell, we helped overthrow the Shaw and installed a radical Muslim regime in Iran from whence hordes of radical Shiites now roam as terrorists throughout the Muslim world , Europe and the US. We have removed a bloody tyrant in Iraq and replaced it with … who knows, but most likely it will succumb to the power of Iran before our troops recover from their deployment.

And yet … we made a blood deposit, and American deposit long ago and helped establish Israel, once again, as a nation. We supported Israel in their efforts to maintain a national homeland since 1948. We backed them in the 6-day War of 1967, and regardless of what the administration says, We-the-People of America, for the most part, support the efforts of the Israeli people to defend their homeland against the surrounding threat of annihilation.

Yes, our politicians, both Bush Sr & Jr and Obama have given us incomplete and at time inaccurate information. No doubt. Why? Numerous possibilities that I will not speculate.

“From 1980 to 1988 Iraqi fought a bloody war against its neighbor Iran. In 1980 Iraqi invaded over a border dispute over the ownership of the Shatt Al Arab waterway which borders the two countries. For years Iraqi steadily lost ground against the numerically superior but technologically inferior Iranians. In the 1988 the Iraqis changed tactics and by using chemical weapons, massive artillery bombardments and the Republican Guard it made rapid advances rolling back the Iranians until when the War ended they had gained 500 miles of territory. The Waterway was so clogged with silt and debris it was now useless. The war left Iraq with over $80 billion worth of debts mainly to Kuwait. It was these tactics of chemical and artillery bombardment, which the Coalition forces were expecting during the later Gulf war, and these debts, which were the seeds of that future conflict.” MORE HERE

BOTTOM LINE: Thousands of American lives have been seeded to the hope that a birth of freedom in the nations surrounding Israel would occur. Thus far, it has not, however, I am not among those who believe that ANY life can be given to no avail. The sacrifices of these individuals and their families must mean something. I have no doubt, at some point, it will. It saddens me that that day is not today, but hope seeded with so many young lives and honest expectations cannot but produce something good. That hope remains …

Meanwhile, the troops return to their homes, their families, and the nation that honors them. Perhaps we can yet find a way to honor them in a more lasting effort by sharing their sacrifice and joining it. Our nation needs us NOW. Not necessarily to put on the uniform, but certainly to read the Declaration of Independence and other documents that define our Nation. It is OUR responsibility to steer our nation’s leaders. We each have a Voice and we must each use it. We have shied away from political opinion far too long in the name of tolerance or politeness. TALK!!! Talk and listen to what your neighbors say. What are we boiling about? What do we want?


That’s what I want! I want to be able to TRUST the words and actions of our leaders, for once! It is not even as important that I agree with them on everything, but I want to be able to TRUST them. That their interests line up with those of the United States of America, whose ideals (as evidenced in the Founding documents) they love and serve.