By Michael Oberndorf

Only a couple of weeks until Christmas. This used to be the best loved holiday — originally, Holy Day — in America, but unrelenting attacks on Christianity by the leftist, atheistic Democrats have taken some of the joy out of the season. For me, though, the attacks just reinforce my commitment to actively striving to help put the country back on a track that will lead us back to an honest, Constitutional America, with her traditional Judeo-Christian morals and values.

A giant step in this direction would be to rid the Senate of the spineless parasites who now infest it. What a great gift to America and all of her legal citizens!

The record of outrages perpetrated by the Senate in the past few years is longer than a spoiled kid’s Christmas list. Misleaders of both parties — hate-filled Harry Reid for the Democrats, and milquetoast Mitch McConnell for the RINOS — have placed a hidden ideological agenda ahead of the needs of the American people they are supposed to be serving, and led their co-conspirators in an orgy of spending and self-enrichment unprecedented in our history.

For example, B. Hussein Obama-Soetoro, knee-jerk Marxist and erstwhile Muslim, has repeatedly accused Republicans in Congress of “doing nothing” to help create jobs. This, of course, ignores the fact that his half-baked, radical, leftist policies destroyed millions of jobs in the first place. It’s also a big lie, as happens every time B. Hussein opens his mouth. CONTINUE READING