Can you imagine their sense of accomplishment as the oath is administered for the very first time? The thoughts and memories of life under Britian’s thumb in mind. The bloody cost of their freedom also fresh in their memories. The turmoil, the frustrations, the threat of imprisonment, the pain of those who sacrificed all … no doubt all these thoughts swirled in the their minds as the witnessed the dream of a FREE AMERICA come to pass.

We can only imagine what their thoughts would be today in light of the emerging tyranny in Washington. How might they advise us to avoid impending doom? How deeply might they travail in search of Divine wisdom to steer around devastating obstacles that lie in wait, some visible others yet hidden? The hope yet lies with the PEOPLE of the USA. Will we be the checking power that our FRAMERS deemed us to be? Or will we be lambs easily led to slaughter?

For too long “good people” WE-the-PEOPLE have gone about our daily lives, trusting our elected officials to do what they’re elected to do. We have not been vigilant as we were cautioned to be, and now we have a mess that only WE-the-PEOPLE can fix. Government cannot fix it because it is the problem! WE are the solution!

I believe we will rise to the occasion, as Americans have repeatedly done in the past. I believe there is yet a spark alive in enough of us to spread the fire of FREEDOM to our neighbors, our co-workers, and our fellow Americans. But we cannot be silent any longer.