Bloated government too big for the people to support!!!

Many have already chewed up the President’s speech the other day as he attempted to channel Teddy Roosevelt’s bravado. Hoping to blindside a few non-thinking right-leaners with his references to the former Progressive Republican President, President Obama delivered an UN-patriotic, UN-American, not to mention redundant speech in which he BLAMED (not the republicans, not President Bush, not the Arab Spring, not … ) (drum roll) our Free Enterprise economic system that has built the USA into the most powerful, wealthiest, most generous nation on the earth. Ya! OK … And if that’s not enough, in complete denial of current European reality, he proclaimed the universal success of the Keynesian economic policies he saw fit to enact.”

In light of the President’s vast economic successes (yup!) “the President is now demagoguing the one economic policy he hasn’t tried — supply-side economics — while calling for more government spending all as America’s debt is deepening.”

Whitewashing History, Obama Style

If U.S. history is a painting on giant canvas, President Barack Obama’s speech this week in Osawatomie, Kansas, is a thick coat of whitewash layered all over it, and the failure of the last three years lies underneath. The President’s pretense is that, no, it’s not Obamanomics that has caused persistent unemployment, stunted growth and record deficits – it’s supply side economics!

Talk about audacity.

The President’s speech was a naked portrayal of his vision of America–one where inequality runs rampant, where the American dream is nearly dead, where the rich oppress the poor, where education is undervalued. As Charles Krauthammer observes this morning in The Washington Post, “That’s the kind of damning observation the opposition brings up when you’ve been in office three years.”

Indeed, what was glaringly absent from the President’s portrait was the fact that his economic policies have failed to put Americans back to work and his absolute inability to lead Washington toward combating rampant government spending. His solution, moreover, was more of the same stuff that has failed spectacularly for him: government as the great savior. CONTINUE READING