Any one of the bizaare, and Constitutionally questionable programs or policies of the current President might be innocent misunderstandings. It would be a wonderful thing if We-the-People could count on our FREE PRESS to bring us the facts. To dig into the stories of real and true importance, not just the “scandals” that temporarily raise readership. However, as more and more information on these … illegal, stealthy, irresponsible, unpatriotic … activities become known, there are some very frightening scenarios possible. What in the world is he doing? THINK ABOUT THEM:

  • Fast & Furious – this rogue operation has been brought out in the open, finally, and Erik Holder and his subordinates are under investigation. The Object of this was to shrink our Second Amendment rights (reduce the availability of arms to the American people) out of fear>
  • We have the President openly defying the Congress, and saying he would do as much as he could without them, in complete disregard for A> the CONSTITUTION, and B> the will of the American People!
  • Then we had the first ever, if not not mistaken, test of the National Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) on November 9, 2011, and the test … failed?
  • We have the President openly denouncing the Free Market system and the FREEDOM our current economic system allows, and embracing his Keynesian economics even though everything he has tried has back-fired horribly! He continues to push for more of the same. More debt, more spending, more taxes as the solution!
  • The talk of a National Police Force, as well-trained as the US Army, to be a the President’s beck and call.
  • We certainly have no idea what his full agenda is, but … as the adage goes, if it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck … THINK ABOUT IT!

    ** FILE ** In this Oct. 10, 2007 file photo, reviewed by the U.S. Military, an American flag flies behind the barbed and razor-wire at the Camp Delta detention facility, at Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base, Cuba. Late on Jan. 20, 2009, the U.S. Department of Defense says it will seek a 120-halt to the war crimes trials at Guantanamo Bay pending a review by President Barack Obama.. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

    The United States is probably the only nation that does not have national police. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) was created to achieve this goal. A counter move by concerned citizens was the “support your local police and keep them independent” movement. Older citizens may recall seeing bumper stickers and other advertising to that effect. The LEAA was abolished in 1982. Today, a new movement is afoot to nationalize our local police by stealth. In the [2009] campaign, Barack Obama advocated “a civilian police to match the size and power of our armed forces.” More recently, Obama advocated enlarging the U.S. Marshal’s Service into a “stability police.” He is being assisted by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group has convinced many local police and sheriff’s officials that conservatives are the enemy. – CJOnline

    Dominant Social Theme: What the US needs is more law and order.

    Free-Market Analysis: We have been commenting on the growing wave of “law and order” in the United States. And this letter to the editor, excerpted above, is surely another sign of it. There is so much ruin in the country (and the West) now that the powers-that-be are likely growing increasingly worried about civilian unrest.

    They are, in our view, actively encouraging such unrest (so as to be able to shape it) but also, at the same time, they are suppressing unrest and seek to create further law enforcement bodies and quasi-military groups to ensure that civil unrest does not spread unchecked. One such group – in the US, anyway – would be a national police force.

    This is only part of a larger authoritarian drive, however. The Anglosphere power elite that apparently wants to run the world (formally) is using the current economic chaos to prepare fundamental, Draconian “reforms” to the way US business and investing works.

    US President Barack Obama’s persona and policies are surely tailored to this larger meme. Authoritarianism can be developed in numerous ways. We have, for instance, covered the new Pecora Hearings that we believe are being generated even now. CONTINUE READING